What Is the Most Common Type of Demolition Machinery Used on Demolition Sites?

All developed countries in the world, have access to a range of demolition machinery that is used throughout the country. While there are a selection of different machines which you can use, demolition workers have their favourites, and use different machines for different jobs.

If you are interested in demolition machinery, and which machines are most popular, then this article is for you.

Below you will find a list of the most typical demolition machinery used.

• Bulldozers: Is there anything a bulldozer can’t do. From knocking down walls to moving large piles of debris, a dozer is a popular piece of machinery. It could work on a variety of angles, can move stuff quickly, and is relatively easy to operate. It’s no wonder it is so popular and versatile. Crawlers do seem to be more popular than their wheel based brothers.

• Dumpers: When you are in the demolition game, it is not just how fast you can knock something down, it’s also how fast you can move debris and rubble away. That is where dumpers come in. They are available in a range of sizes (some huge, some tiny) and help to carry what was left of a building or development site away. If you do not see a dumper on a demolition site, it’s time to start asking questions to the foreman.

Cranes are brilliant. Not only can they help with the construction of a building or development, they can also help wreck it. Most demolition workers have a crane that you can connect a wrecking ball too. The crane operator starts swinging the ball and the fun begins. Definitely one of the very popular pieces of machinery within the United Kingdom…. They are also a great Father’s day present for the daddy that has everything!

• Crawler Loaders: This is a specialist machine and is very versatile. It may work on angels as well as along with rubble piles. Definitely popular the world over.